Fri, Nov 15, 2019 - [OLLU]
Dr. Alvarez and Mr. Hurley present Dr. Navarro and Ms. Faser with Saints caps.
Dr. Alvarez and Mr. Hurley present Dr. Navarro and Ms. Faser with Saints caps.
Watch the press conference announcing the partnership between OLLU and Christus Santa Rosa.

SAN ANTONIO (Nov. 15, 2019) - CHRISTUS Santa Rosa Health System and Our Lady of the Lake University (OLLU) teamed up for a special announcement this morning. CHRISTUS Santa Rosa announced its partnership with OLLU, making the health system the "Official Partner of OLLU Athletics."

Under the agreement, CHRISTUS Santa Rosa Health System will provide professional, licensed athletic trainers for weekly clinics and during game day, led by the CHRISTUS Santa Rosa Orthopedics and Sports Medicine team.

"I grew up playing a number of sports, so this partnership is something near and dear to me," explains Rudy Navarro, MD, of CHRISTUS Orthopedics & Sports Medicine. "Our goal in working with Our Lady of the Lake University is to ensure that these student-athletes are operating at peak physical condition while providing the care and expertise that CHRISTUS Santa Rosa is known for."

"Our work is on display each time these student-athletes take the field," adds Dean Alexander, President and CEO of CHRISTUS Santa Rosa Health System. "This partnership is exciting to us because of what Our Lady of the Lake University means to San Antonio – it only feels natural that we would join forces to better serve our community."

OLLU Athletic Director Shane Hurley commented, "We are excited to have the additional layer of medical support for our student-athletes; the improvements it will lend our athletic training program, as well as the numerous ways it will impact other areas of OLLU across the board, was imperative to start to meet some of the challenges created by growth in the athletic department student body. I'd like to give special thanks to [CHRISTUS Santa Rosa] Sherry Fraser and Dr. Rudy Navarro, [OLLU] Corey Beecher, Alyssa Guerra, Julie Stuckey, Nicole Monsibais, Anthony Turrietta, Lourdes Alvarez, Georgina Schmahl and many others who played a role in helping shape this partnership."

"We are so grateful to CHRISTUS Santa Rosa for their partnership," said OLLU Provost Dr. Lourdes Alvarez. "Hundreds of current and future student-athletes will benefit immensely from the services and funds that are being provided. We look forward to sustaining the partnership for years to come."

To seal the partnership, Alvarez and Hurley presented  Faser and Navarro Saints caps signifying that Christus Santa Rosa is now part of the Saints Family.

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