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Tanis Martinez, AJ Gallardo and Leslie Cooper have been selected as players of the week.
Schreiner University
Tennis - Mon, Feb. 4, 2013 - by Patricia Constantin

FAIR OAKS RANCH, TEXAS (Feb. 2, 2013) -- The Our Lady of the Lake University tennis teams opened their spring season on Saturday at the Fair Oaks Ranch Country Club against Schreiner University. The men won 7-3 over the Mountaineers, while the women's team lost 2-7.

Saints freshmen Tanis Martinez and AJ Gallardo have been selected as co-players of the week, while junior Leslie Cooper is the women's co-player of the week.

In Martinez's first collegiate match, he played excellent doubles, winning a close match in a tiebreaker with Aaron Rodriguez by the score of 9-8. Then he played a great second set winning line 3 singles 6-3/6-0.

Gallardo, who is from El Paso, played a near perfect match with a score of 6-0/6-1 at line 5 singles.

Head Coach Sal Castillo said, "I see Tanis and AJ as the most improved players on the team. Since the fall practice, they have put in the work on the court. It was clearly evident. That confidence going into the rest of the season should be a key part of our success this season."

Men's Singles Results


Luis Rovira (OLLU)Josh Ramirez (SU)6-2/6-1
Matt Ellis (OLLU)Stephen Rogers (SU)6-1/6-1
Tanis Martinez (OLLU)Nathan West (SU)6-3/6-0
Aaron Rodriguez (OLLU)Marco Hinojosa (SU)7-5/6-4
AJ Gallardo (OLLU)Matt Salazar (SU)6-0/6-1
Christian Casillas (SU)Aldo Galvan (OLLU)6-3/5-7/8-10
Brice Conoly (SU)Collin Beckendorf (OLLU)6-1/6-0

Men's Doubles Results


Rovira/Ellis(OLLU)Hinojosa/Casillas (SU)8-3
Martinez/Rodriguez (OLLU)West/Conoly (SU)9-8 (8-6) tie-breaker
Ramirez/Rogers (SU)Gallardo/Galvan (OLLU)8-3

Cooper won both singles and doubles against Schreiner and her outstanding play continues from last year when she was OLLU's first player to post a winning season in singles. Cooper and Gonzalez won 9-7 and Cooper won her singles match hadily by 6-0/6-4.

Castillo said, "Her doubles play has improved as she and Valeria look to be a strong line 2 doubles team this year."

Women's Singles Results


Leanna Haynes (SU)Jessica Perez (OLLU)6-2/6-1
Leslie Cooper (OLLU)Shelby Thompson (SU)6-0/6-4
Teresa Gaitlan (SU)Lauren Zancketti (OLLU)6-4-/7-6
Karyn Swink (SU)Valeria Gonzalez (OLLU)6-2/6-1
Brooke Ohlman (SU)Alexia Guarneros (OLLU)7-5/6-1
Madeleine Scotch (SU)Brisa Ramirez (OLLU)6-2/7-5
Becky Chiarro (SU)Summer Almanza (OLLU)6-1/6-0

Women's Doubles Results


Haynes/Thompson (SUPerez/Zancketti (OLLU)8-0
Cooper/Gonzalez (OLLU)Swink/Scotch (SU)9-7
Teresa Gaitlan / Brooke Ohlman (SU)Guarneros/Ramirez (OLLU)8-3

Next week, the women play Texas A&M Kingsville here on Saturday at noon and the men have one of their toughest matches of the year against top-ranking University of the Incarnate Word on Friday at noon.

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